The Phulkari pillow features exceptional Phulkari hand embroidery from the Punjab region of Pakistan and literally means “flower work”. At one time, “Phulkari” was also the word for embroidery.  The rich gold and orange colors are enhanced with purple and green accent colors.  The embroidered section is framed in vintage fabric from Guatemala embellished with decorative “randa” embroidery


  • 20” x 20”

  • Front - cotton

  • Back  -  suede, in aubergine

  • Zipper closure

  • Down feather insert

  • Fabric origins:  Pakistan, Guatemala



I have always appreciated the incredible embroidery of Pakistan. I have tried several times to travel to the country, but due to several reasons such as travel alerts by the U.S. government, made it impossible for me to visit. Fortunately, through my work with the fair trade organization, Serrv International, I was able to have embroidered fabric sent to me. The piece in this pillow is exceptional. The Pakistan Phulkari embroidery technique you see in this pillow is from the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent and literally means “flower work”. At one time, “Phulkari” was also the word for embroidery. This fabric is rich in colors of oranges and purple, with accents of green.  The patterns alternate in color and design and the piece is embellished with fringed trim.

The border section was made from a vintage Guatemalan “huipil”, the traditional blouse of the Indigenous women.  It is dark brown with fine stripes woven in light brown. But the most noteworthy part of this fabric is the traditional “randa” decorative stitching used to join two pieces of fabric creating a beautiful colorful embellishment.   

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