Indigo Batik

Indigo Batik


The Indigo Batik pillow radiates of ethnic textile diversity from vintage Blue Hmong fine batik and applique and traditional cross stitch embroidery on handspun hemp from the Hill tribes in northern Vietnam. Intricate Dhaka weave from Nepal makes this one-of-a-kind pillow a must have to grace any setting.


  • 19” x 19” (48.2 cm x 48.2 cm)

  • Front - cotton

  • Back - polyester blend, in ecru

  • Zipper closure

  • Down feather pillow insert

  • Fabric origins: Vietnam, Nepal


By far, this is one of my favorite pillows. The elegance and sophistication of the Dhaka weave, on the left of the pillow, is from Nepal and woven in colors of navy blue, silver gray, gold and blue. This piece transitions well next to the delicate pattern of the vintage indigo batik from the Hmong Hill tribe in Vietnam. The geometric Dhaka fabric is an intricate and traditional hand weaving technique practiced by many generations of weavers. Dhaka patterns are unique and special.  This fabric is truly a form of the rich, cultural expression reflecting the Nepali’s mastery of craftsmanship. I did not have an opportunity to visit the Dhaka weavers when I was in Nepal but have appreciated the infinite numbers of patterns and colors I have seen in the markets. The Dhaka fabric I have used is from the Association of Craft Producers, a fair trade organization located in Kathmandu.

During the six visits I have made to Vietnam, not once did I have the opportunity to visit the Hill Tribes in the northern part of Vietnam. But I must admit that the textiles produced by the Hill Tribes are notably some of my favorites. The pieces used in this pillow are made by the Hmong. The center pieces are from the Blue Hmong traditionally batik their fabrics in thin, striped formations, with a series of dots that are then dyed in indigo, thus the name Blue Hmong.  The vintage, intricate center batik pattern has a traditional red geometric applique, with decorative trim and embroidery on each side. To the right is a  cross-stitched  Hmong embroidery is in a traditional floral design with burgundy, gold and white threads, and red cotton is sewed on for added decoration. The solid indigo dyed border is made with hand spun and handwoven hemp fabric. Six coconut shell buttons embellish the center panel. I purchased these fabrics during visits to Craft Link, a fair trade organization in Hanoi that supports ethnic minority groups and traditional craft producers to revive and promote traditional culture and skills through handicraft production. 

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